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This literally looks like a launch trailer for Repentance.

...I love it.

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T3h Indu$trial R3v0luti0n and it$ c0n$3qu3nc3$ hav3 b33n a diza$t3r f0r t3h human rac3. T3hy hav3 6r3atly incr3a$3d t3h lif3-3xp3ctancy 0f th0$3 0f u$ wh0 liv3 in “advanc3d”. c0untri3$, but t3hy hav3 d3$tabiliz3d $0ci3ty, hav3 mad3 lif3 unfulfillin6 , hav3 $ubj3ct3d human b3in6$ 2indi6niti3$, hav3 l3d 2wid3$pr3ad p$ych0l06ical $uff3rin6 (in t3h Third W0rld 2phy$ical $uff3rin6 a$ w3ll) and hav3 inflict3d $3v3r3 dama63 0n t3h natural w0rld. T3h c0ntinu3d d3v3l0pm3nt 0f t3chn0l06y will w0r$3n t3h $ituati0n. It will c3rtainly $ubj3ct human 26r3at3r indi6niti3$ and inflict 6r3at3r dama63 0n t3h natural w0rld, it will pr0bably l3ad 26r3at3r $0cial dizrupti0n and p$ych0l06ical $uff3rin6, and it may l3ad 2incr3a$3d phy$ical $uff3rin6 3v3n in “advanc3d” c0untri3$.

T3h indu$trial-t3chn0l06ical $y$t3m may $urviv3 0r it may br3ak d0wn. If it $urviv3$, it MAY 3v3ntually achi3v3 a l0w l3v3l 0f phy$ical and p$ych0l06ical $uff3rin6, but 0nly aft3r pa$$in6 thr0u6h a l0n6 and v3ry painful p3ri0d 0f adju$tm3nt and 0nly at t3h c0$t 0f p3rman3ntly r3ducin6 human b3in6$ and many 0t3hr livin6 0r6anizm$ 23n6in33r3d pr0duct$ and m3r3 c06$ in t3h $0cial machin3. Furt3hrm0r3, if t3h $y$t3m $urviv3$, t3h c0n$3qu3nc3$ will b3 in3vitabl3: T3hr3 iz n0 way 0f r3f0rmin6 0r m0difyin6 t3h $y$t3m $0 a$ 2pr3v3nt it fr0m d3privin6 p30pl3 0f di6nity and aut0n0my.

If t3h $y$t3m br3ak$ d0wn t3h c0n$3qu3nc3$ will $till b3 v3ry painful. But t3h bi663r t3h $y$t3m 6r0w$ t3h m0r3 diza$tr0u$ t3h r3$ult$ 0f it$ br3akd0wn will b3, $0 if it iz 2br3ak d0wn it had b3$t br3ak d0wn $00n3r rat3hr than lat3r.

W3 t3hr3f0r3 adv0cat3 a r3v0luti0n a6ain$t t3h indu$trial $y$t3m. Thiz r3v0luti0n may 0r may n0t mak3 u$3 0f vi0l3nc3; it may b3 $udd3n 0r it may b3 a r3lativ3ly 6radual pr0c3$$ $pannin6 a f3w d3cad3$. W3 can’t pr3dict any 0f that. But w3 d0 0utlin3 in a v3ry 63n3ral way t3h m3a$ur3$ that th0$3 wh0 h8 t3h indu$trial $y$t3m $h0uld tak3 in 0rd3r 2pr3par3 t3h way f0r a r3v0luti0n a6ain$t that f0rm 0f $0ci3ty. Thiz iz n0t 2b3 a P0LITICAL r3v0luti0n. It$ 0bj3ct will b3 20v3rthr0w n0t 60v3rnm3nt$ but t3h 3c0qn0mic and t3chn0l06ical ba$iz 0f t3h pr3$3nt $0ci3ty.

In thiz articl3 w3 6iv3 att3nti0n 20nly $0m3 0f t3h n36ativ3 d3v3l0pm3nt$ that hav3 6r0wn 0ut 0f t3h indu$trial-t3chn0l06ical $y$t3m. 0t3hr $uch d3v3l0pm3nt$ w3 m3nti0n 0nly bri3fly 0r i6n0r3 alt063t3hr. Thiz d03$ n0t m3an that w3 r36ard t3h$3 0t3hr d3v3l0pm3nt$ a$ unimp0rtant. F0r practical r3a$0n$ w3 hav3 2c0nfin3. 0ur dizcu$$i0n 2ar3a$ that hav3 r3c3iv3d in$uffici3nt public att3nti0n 0r in which w3 hav3 $0m3thin6 2$ay. F0r 3xampl3, $inc3 t3hr3 ar3 w3ll-d3v3l0p3d 3nvir0nm3ntal and wild3rn3$$ m0v3m3nt$, w3 hav3 writt3n v3ry littl3 ab0ut 3nvir0nm3ntal d36radati0n 0r t3h d3$tructi0n 0f wild natur3, 3v3n th0u6h w3 c0n$id3r t3h$3 2b3 hi6hly imp0rtant.

The art-style is nice, I guess, but it's WAAAAAAAY too close to The Binding of Isaac. Like, WAY too dang close...

I'm not gonna lie, the Comic Sans threw me off and I thought it was gonna be *waaaaaay* worse than it actually is. Other than that, this is great stuff!

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it's him

doobus my beloved

That pizza kinda built like the pizza from the music video for Saturnz Barz by Gorillaz

Art is something that I really appreciate, since it's a huge part of my life.



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